The Project

The project “Enhancing Integrity and Effectiveness of Illegal Asset Confiscation – European Approaches” is a 24-month initiative of Transparency International – Bulgaria launched in the beginning of June 2013. The project receives financial support from the “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” programme carried out by DG Home Affairs of the European Commission. The project is implemented by the Bulgarian chapter of Transparency International – TI-Bulgaria in partnership with Transparency International-Italy and Transparency International-Romania.

The overarching objective of the project is to enhance transparency, integrity, accountability and effectiveness of illegal asset confiscation procedures across Europe by exercising efficient civil society control on the functioning of authorities specialised in this area, which should lead to improvement of their cooperation at EU level.

The project activities will span several key areas: 1) analysis of legal framework and institutional practices and policies – national legal and sociological surveys in the three countries involved; 2) monitoring on illegal asset confiscation authorities with a view to exercising efficient civil society control on asset confiscation procedures in the three countries; 3) fostering the cooperation among illegal asset confiscation authorities at EU level by eliciting a public discussion and undertaking of institutional capacity building measures.



February 2014 – Sofia, Napoli, Bucharest

Publication and presentation of analysis of the legal framework in force and related implementation practices in Bulgaria, Italy and Romania.

April 2014 – Sofia, Milan, Bucharest

Launch of civil society monitoring on illegal asset confiscation authorities: the monitoring exercise will be carried out simultaneously in the partner states to this project on the basis of a common methodology and will assess the functioning of illegal asset confiscation authorities in the course of ten months.

November – December 2014 – Sofia, Milan, Bucharest

Three national roundtables with representatives of institutions having jurisdiction on the confiscation of illegal assets.

March 2015, Brussels

Publication and presentation to the European Commission and MEPs of a Regional report on the practices in the implementation of illegal asset confiscation procedures in Europe – three different European models.

March 2015 – Sofia, Milan, Bucharest

Publication of Policy Paper. The document will present the key findings from the monitoring as well as recommendations for addressing the established weaknesses and for convergence of the policies of illegal asset confiscation authorities at European Union level.

April 2015, Sofia

International conference with participation of leading European experts in the area of illegal asset confiscation. The conference will present the project results and will discuss the ways for improving the common European legal and institutional framework in this area.

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