The project aims to provide for two major lines of action – 1) legal and sociological research and 2) independent civil monitoring – to support the effectiveness, accountability and transparency of asset confiscation policies and practices in Europe, allowing for improved cooperation between authorities in MSs.

The research is the first activity according to the project timetable and it provides for the necessary basis for the elaboration of the monitoring indicators and the implementation of civil monitoring. To this end, the specific purposes of the research are the following:

  • In-depth analysis of the legal, institutional and policy practices of AROs in BG, IT, RO with focus on effectiveness and integrity.
  • Address identified loopholes in current legislation, enforcement and administrative practice and provide recommendations;
  • Comparative assessment of research results and elaboration of recommendations addressing the outlined deficits.

Based on the completed legal and sociological research researchers will identify legislative loopholes, poor enforcement of legislation for confiscation of assets as well as deficiencies in the practice of confiscation bodies. They will provide for specific recommendations in order to trigger improvement of the efficiency, transparency, integrity and accountability of AROs.

Addressed shortcomings and provided recommendations will be of nature to improve the institutional and procedural capacity of AROs on European level, especially regarding transparency, accountability, integrity, practice, cooperation with other relevant institutions, access to information.

All three national reports along with the recommendations will be incorporated in a comparative report and together with the results from the monitoring will be published in a Policy paper. All project results and publications will be largely disseminated at national and European level.

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